Eduardo Soto's Resume

Senior Software Engineer

  • Extensive knowledge with a variety of web, mobile, and backend architectures - able to architect and build a variety of software solutions that meet customers' needs and requirements.
  • Extensive experience in all facets of the SDLC - over 11 years of experience working with 10+ clients, a variety of contractors, and many creative/ad agencies lead to the combination of strong technical and effective soft skills that only experience can provide.
  • Extremely fast learner – proven history of being able to quickly onboard, contribute and grow throughout career due to a solid foundation in software development and OO concepts along with a strong motivation to learn.

Technical Knowledge

  • Languages: C#, Java, Swift, TypeScript/Javascript, T-SQL, Oracle, SQLite, HTML, SASS/CSS, Powershell
  • Platforms: Sitecore, DNN, ASP.NET (Web Forms and MVC), Sharepoint, Android, iOS, Xamarin
  • Development Tools: Visual Studio, Android Studio, Xcode, IntelliJ Idea, Xamarin Studio, SQL Server Management Studio, Git, CVS, Gulp, Grunt
  • Libraries: jQuery, Foundation, Telerik .NET Controls, jGit, Selenium, Jasmine, Karma, Google Maps for iOS and Android
  • Concepts: AGILE Development, Responsive Web Design, RESTful Web Services, App Development (iOS and Android)

Professional Experience

Senior Consultant May 2014 to Present
EY/Northpoint Digital (EY acquired NPD in 11/2015), New York, NY
  • Full stack developer for a project for a major telco which integrates data from a CMS's RESTful web services into an existing Angular application. This was done using Typescript, Java w/ Selenium running as a Spring service, jGit, and Sitecore.
  • Interfaced with clients, creative agencies and technical firms to help develop 30+ successful Sitecore websites for a pharmaceutical client using Sitecore, C#/ASP.NET, SASS, Javascript, PhantomJS and RESTful Web Services.
  • Project Manager for 5 successful Sitecore websites for a pharmaceutical client. Worked with the client and the internal team to delegate tasks and meet deadlines, met regularly with the client and other involved firms to produce a high-quality result that left all parties satisfied.
  • Backend developer on a large, custom Sharepoint portal for a pharmaceutical. This Sharepoint repository stores their research data and allows users to submit new documents and pass them through their appropriate workflows.
  • Wrote Powershell scripts to help a client migrate existing documents along with their meta-data into a newly developed Sharepoint repository.
  • Frontend developer for responsive job listing website using SASS, Html, jQuery, and Zurb Foundation.
Software Engineer November 2006 to May 2014
Riptide Software, Orlando, FL
  • Lead engineer of a web portal heavily used by the US Army and Marines. The site had over 2500 registered users accessing vital information for the US military Live Training community.
  • Full time developer for 3 other ASP.NET web portals using the DNN framework - the intranet site for the Riptide Software, an inventory tracking portal for Raytheon, and a collaboration portal for the US Marine Corps.

Personal Experience

iOS App Developer
NYC Bus Map Live - View in iTunes
January 2018 to Present
  • Actively developing an iOS app that tracks MTA buses on a live Google Map
  • App is built in Swift using Xcode, Google Maps API, AlamoFire, and SQLite
Android App Developer
NYC Bus Map Live - View in the Google Play Store
February 2016 to Present
  • Actively developing an Android app that tracks MTA buses on a live Google Map
  • App currently has 2,000+ active users
  • App is built in Java using Android Studio, Google Maps API, loopj Android Asynch HTTP Client, date4j and SQLite
Xamarin Forms App Developer
Pocket Health Inspector - View in the Google Play Store
January 2017 to Present
  • Developed an app to learn Xamarin, the app connects to a custom server to retrieve the health inspection grades of restaurants in New York City.
  • App is built using Xamarin Studio with the Xamarin Forms API in C#


Florida International University, Miami, FL
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, May 2006
In-major GPA: 3.75/4.00, Overall GPA: 3.70/4.00